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Fake food is like porn, trying to mimic the real thing but ultimately leaving you unsatisfied; tricking the body and creating unhealthy habits in the process.
Nothing beats the real thing 
and Burger King is now 100% real.
2021 Young Ones Bronze Pencil Winner

In addition to the spots we have several out of home options that play off the dangers of pornography.

We also Hijacked ads on PornHub, parodying the clickbait ads usually found there to connect the dangers of fake food.


The BK app will also include a new AR feature that scans competing fast food items, matches it to a database of products and ingredients, then gives customers a discount off of the 100% real version of that item sold at BK based on the percentage of artificial sources in food they scanned.

Jp Winders
Dallin Slavins >

Art Directors
Truman Florence >
Harrison Brownell >

David Hulme >
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