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Arby’s is clearly a country icon, but why isn’t it the go-to haunt of cow folk across the nation? To cement Arby’s place next to pick-up trucks and corn fields, Arby’s released a hit country song. 

Verse 1

Working in the field since the dawn

Sun beatin’ down like the desert in tucson

The day is done, time for some fun.

This trucks takin’ me to see my one

And only. That’s what I need.

Windows down to feel the breeze

Light on the horizon beckons me

Meetin’ at the place that’s got the meat

We hid the fact that it’s Arby’s until the chorus—imagine the surprise on that cowman’s face when he realizes the song on his tractor radio that he’s been bumping to is actually from Arby’s.

The song will be released on Spotify and it will top the charts.

Not only is it a Country Music Award (CMA) winning hit, its also a viral TikTok dance! Kids love the TikTok!

Jp Winders
McKay Fritz
Art Director
Shane Dawson >
Dillon Hansen
Pyper Foote
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