NYC is struggling with homelessness, especially youth homelessness. Staggeringly, a 40% of the homeless youth population identifies at LGBTQ+. For a city that prides itself on inclusivity and open-mindedness, how could we raise awareness for this issue?

The Issue Within The Issue

To raise awareness, we partnered with the Ali Forney Center, an organization dedicated to the housing of homeless LGBTQ+ youth, to take over 40% of New York Magazine's ad space—representing the 40% of homeless youth who identify as LGBTQ+—in the iconic 'Reasons to Love New York' issue and used it to publish The Issue Within The Issue—our own magazine dedicated to the challenges this group faces and helping them get off the streets to live independent, empowered lives. 
Marcelo Ramirez
Bharat Kumar

Katherine Flynn 

Oussama Zahr


Jp Winders
Nick Malone
Carlos Matias

Art Directors
Hamza Ali
Rudy Troncone

Camille Walker

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