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The Issue Within The Issue


NYC is struggling with homelessness, especially youth homelessness. Staggeringly, 40% of the homeless youth population identifies as LGBTQ+.

To raise awareness, we partnered the Ali Forney Center (AFC), an organization dedicated to housing homeless LGBTQ+ youth, with New York Magazine, to develop an issue where 40% of the total ad inventory (28 pages) was dedicated to the challenges this group faces.

The Issue Within the Issue included bespoke editorial content that highlighted the plight of homeless LGBTQ+ youths. We enlisted editors, writers, designers, artists, and photojournalists (all of whom are either LGBTQ+ or allies of the community) to write exposés, op-eds, features, poetry, retrospectives, and more.

AdAge Creativity Pick of the Day | AdWeek 

Marcelo Ramirez
Bharat Kumar

Katherine Flynn 


Nick Malone
Carlos Matias
Jp Winders

Art Directors
Hamza Ali
Rudy Troncone

Camille Walker

Brain Lai
Janice Chen
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