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Pitched but not forgotten 😔

One of my favorite ideas that made it to the final round with the client before an internal merger took our side of Kraft Heinz's creative in-house.

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Space-O For Queso

Seeing billionaires head to space is about as pleasurable as burlap panties, so let's remedy this situation for the everyman the best way we know how: free cheese.


Coinciding with Blue Origin's next launch on June 4th, Velveeta will announce that our cheese will be free for the 11 minutes the rich tourists are officially off planet so that the rest of us can indulge in the best Earth has to offer.


Cheese fans can follow along as Velveeta tweets the countdown to queso or watch online from our virtual launch site Cape Queso in the Metaverse.


We’ll even drop exclusive cheese sculptures of Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk—available only for 11 minutes—that can be melted down into delicious queso for Vel fans to literally eat the rich.


While the .001% are away, the rest of us will play.

Nok Sangdee
Jeff Beck 

Paige Miller
Morgan Pippin
Jp Winders

Art Director
Julia Gramaglia
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