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The news cycle moves from story to story quicker than ever, but social issues don’t go away just because we stop paying attention. Netflix documentaries are reminders to continue to participate in change so we are recontextualizing the famous "Are You Still Watching."

Netflix Homepage
We redesigned the Netflix homepage to remind people of important issues. Links will lead you to documentaries on various topics as well as articles and organizations where viewers can get informed and get involved.
Instagram Stories

Each story highlights a different documentary for various issues. These serve as reminders that issues don’t disappear just because we stopped watching.


To raise awareness for the various issues, Netflix made posters that are spread throughout major cities and distributed at rallies. Advocates can also print out the posters from


TV Guide

Netflix also sent out a TV guide with introductory topics that viewers should care about. Each topic includes 3-4 documentaries that can form a base for their engagement in a certain topic. Watching a documentary will never be enough, but for those who don’t know where to start this the perfect jumping off point.

Jp Winders
Art Director
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